[Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture] Tour of Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium & Earthquake Disaster Heritage Tour

Take a tour of the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, which hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup! Stadium Tour & Earthquake Disaster Heritage Tour

The Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium was used as a venue for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. 

Prior to the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was the grounds of a school where local elementary and middle school students studied. 

During the earthquake, all the children under the school's care were saved and the site became known as the Kamaishi no Dekigoto (the Kamaishi Incident). 

In this stadium tour, you will hear about the stories of the earthquake and the construction of the Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium, and even get to see the inside of the stadium. 

*This tour does not allow you to enter the field, but there is another plan that grants access. Please inquire for details.

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Reconstruction

General Information

From 11,000 yen (tax included)/person
*The fee per storyteller is 10,000 yen, and an additional 1,000 yen per person is added to the participation fee.
Opening Times
Weekdays 9:00-18:00
Weekends 9:00-18:00
Wednesdays, New Year's holidays
By train: 1 minute from Unosumai Station (Sanriku Railway Rias Line)
By bus: 1 minute from Unosumai Station bus stop
By car: 4 minutes from Kamaishi Kita Interchange (Sanriku Expressway) toward Kamaishi
Car Park
Official Website
Unosumai Tomosu Tsunami Memorial Hall
40 to 60 minutes
1) Meet at the parking lot
2) Relocate to the stadium (5 minutes)
3) Listen to lecture about the earthquake (15 minutes)
4) Observe and listen to stadium explanations (10 minutes) *30 minutes for the following 3 activities
5) Take photos (5 minutes)
6) Move to the parking lot (5 minutes)
Tours daily except on Wednesdays.

At 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00, a city official will give a detailed explanation about the stadium (30 minutes).
11:00 tour: Meet at 10:40, 14:00 tour: Meet at 13:40, 16:00 tour: Meet at 15:40


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