Travel is Michikusa, Yokote experience (Yokote City, Akita Prefecture)

Yokote City Tourism Experts will guide you through the "Koto Experience

Yokote City certifies individuals and groups that provide guidance and hands-on experience in traditional crafts, history, food, agriculture, etc. as "Tourism Experts".

Sightseeing Experts provide wonderful experiences.

◆Guide ~I will show you around Yokote, a town known only to local residents! ~Yokote CityYokote festival, nature experience in Yumonogawa area, sightseeing in Hiraga town, history and cultural materials in Oo area, sightseeing in Masuda town, historical and cultural aspects of Yokote City, etc.

◆Experience ~You can actually experience work, nature, traditional crafts, and more! ~Experience ~ star gazing, agriculture, Nordic walking, making Jumonji washi paper, making Kamakura, harvesting Yamauchi carrots, and "Iburi Gakko".

Stargazing, agriculture, Nordic walking, making Jumonji washi paper, making Kamakura, harvesting Yamauchi carrots, making "Iburi Gako",straw crafts Planting and harvesting grapes for wine, farmer's stay, visiting fruit trees in Yokote City, making amazake (Japanese sweet sake) and miso (fermented soybean paste), etc.

◆See ~Enjoy seeing and hearing about work sites that you cannot usually see, and traditional storytelling! See ~Yokote Stripes, Yokote Cotton Textile Yokote-Jima, a woven Yokote cotton fabric, an old tale of the hometown Yokote, a military commander's performance of the Go-Sannen no Kassen,an explanation of the history of Niedabanraku of the Jumonji area and its performance Demonstration of Akebizuru-zaiku craftsmanship, colorful Nakayama Dolls

◆Buy ~ Traditional crafts and other items produced by tourism experts are available for purchase!

General Information

Yokote East, 1-10 Ekimae-cho, Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, Japan
500 yen~ ※Varies depending on content
Official Website
Yokote Tourism Expert
30 minutes to 2 hours ※Varies depending on content


Tourism and Hospitality Division, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Yokote City
Telephone Number
E-mail address

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