Nemu no Oka, Kisakata Roadside Station (Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture)

A roadside station where you can enjoy scenic views and hot springs

In addition to the souvenir shop where you can find a wide variety of local souvenirs, such as local sake and products using ingredients from the mountains and the ocean, there is also a popular restaurant that offers a seasonal menu featuring rock oysters, a specialty of the Sea of Japan, as well as an observation deck where you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Mt. Chokai, and a day-trip hot spring where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan. 

Moreover, a free footbath that can accommodate about 50 people at the same time is also available, and during the summer season, visitors can relax in while enjoying the view of Mt. Chokai.

General Information

Opening Times
Product center: 9:00-19:00 / Restaurant: 11:00-20:30 / Observatory hot spring: 9:00-21:00
Third Monday of the month (if Monday falls on a public holiday, the following day will be closed. Open every day during July and August)
Approx. 4 minutes by bus from JR Kisakata Station
Approx. 4 minutes by car from Konoura Interchange
Car Park
336 spaces (Free)
1 hour


Nemu no Oka, Kisakata Roadside Station
Telephone Number