Michinoku Coastal Trail (Hachinohe City - Hirono Town)(Michinoku Trail Club)

A learning tour about beach life of enjoying the various coastlines and mountaineering.

The tour starts at Kabushima Shrine in Hachinohe-City, the North entrance of Michinoku Coastal Trail.

You will have a nice walk on the Tanesashi shoreline with various and gorgeous scenes, enjoy from ups-and-downs sunken rocks reef to the white sandy beach with green pine trees, and challenge climbing the Hashikamidake with the highest altitude (740m) in the Michinoku Coastal Trail. 

The scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, Hakkoda, and Hachinohe city-view with the background of beautiful rhododendron are pleasant in June. 

Hirono Town will bring you the joy of flavors of seasonal food, such as sea urchins, sea squirts, abalones. 

This tour lets you take a peek at their beach life and culture by visiting small fish ports and small shrines that are praying for a large catch and fishers’ safety.

Photo by: Koji Iwama

General Information

Opening Times
April - November: 9:00 - 17:00
December - March: 9:00 - 16:00
2 Nights/3 Days
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*Recommended Plan
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