Sake brewery in Shirakawa Castle Town with a large selection of sake, shochu, and liqueurs!

Senkoma Shuzo was established in 1923. The name "Senkoma" (Thousand Horses) comes from the fact that the horse market was prosperous at the time of the brewery's founding, the sake brewed to wish people good fortune. 

The brewery is located in an old building designated as a Historically Scenic Landmark by Shirakawa City and makes sake during the winter, which is referred to as Kanzukuri (cold brewing). 

At the store inside the brewery, you can enjoy free tastings of recommended sake, from seasonal and limited-edition to premium sake. 

Reservations are required for tours, but no reservations are necessary for tastings or shopping! Their energetic female staff will guide you through their sake and brewery. 

There is also an assortment of local specialties, allowing you to experience the charm of the region.

*Tours available (reservation required)

General Information

Fukushima PrefectureShirakawa-shi15-1 Nengumachi
Opening Times
Sundays and holidays (holidays according to the company calendar)
15-minute walk from JR Shirakawa Station
Car Park
4 spaces