Hamachidori has been brewing sake in harmony with nature

As the only sake brewery in Kamaishi City, located on the Rikuchu Coast of Iwate Prefecture, Hamachidori aims to produce high-quality sake that locals will love. Hamachidori is situated in the coastal area surrounded by the Sanriku Coast and the Kitakami Mountains and is blessed with fresh seafood and mountain vegetables. The sake is characterized by a sweetness that is both crisp and refreshing.

They plan to continue brewing sake in harmony with nature and creating products that reflect regional taste preferences while maintaining flavor profiles unique to their brewery. 

Their popular products, such as honjozo, junmai, and ginjo, reflect regional preferences and use Iwate’s original yeast, the brewery’s yeast, underground water, local water, and predominantly use "Ginginga" sake rice grown by the local Otsuchi Sake Rice Research Association.

General Information

Iwate PrefectureKamaishi-shi3-8-7 Kogawacho
Tour fee: 500 yen (tax included)
Opening Times
Weekends and holidays
・About a 10-minute walk from Kosano Station (JR Kamaishi Line)
・About 3 minutes from Kamaishi Chuo Interchange (Kamaishi Expressway)
Car Park
5 spaces
Official Website
Currently, tours are not available in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Normally, tours are available with a reservation.