Learn about and taste sake at the brewery to discover your "favorite"

Established in 1889 with the motto "A good sake knows a good morning." We are committed to "making delicious sake" based on our philosophy of "making people happy through delicious sake."

At Momokawa, 95% of the rice used is from Aomori Prefecture. The brewing water is from the Oirase River system that runs near the brewery and the liqueur is made from apples, a specialty of Aomori.

During the brewery tour, you will be welcomed by an "Osugidama" (large cedar ball) 2 meters in diameter displayed at the entrance, and a guide will show you around the brewery and processing plant. You can also sample Momokawa’s signature Daiginjo and liqueur at the Oirasse Koryukaikan (Community Center), which are available for purchase as well.

General Information

Aomori Prefecture Oirase-cho, Kamikita-gun112 Kamiakedo
Opening Times
9:30-15:00 (hours for brewery tours)
Mid-December to early January. The factory is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Explanations will be given via a video recording.
About 20 minutes by car from JR Hachinohe Station, and the nearest bus stop is the Kokuho Oirase Byoin-mae (Oirase hospital) bus stop.
Car Park
Standard cars: 3-4 spaces
Buses: About 2 spaces
Official Website
Reservations required.

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