Farm Tractor Ride Through a Tunnel of Autumn Leaves

Fully enjoy nature while riding on one of Koiwai Farm's tractors.

The tour takes participants through a private forest while riding in a tractor-pulled passenger car. Experience the magnificent nature of Koiwai Farm as you feel the wind on your cheeks and smell the fresh scent of the forest.  

General Information

Junior high school students and older: ¥800
Children above 4 years old: ¥400
Please pay for entrance to the Makibaen farm separately.
Opening Times
April 20 - November 3
Weekends and public holidays
①9:30 a.m. ②10:30 a.m. ③11:30 a.m. ④1:00 p.m. ⑤2:00 p.m. ⑥3:00 p.m.
①10:30 a.m. ②11:30 a.m. ③1:00 p.m. ④2:00 p.m.
Please see the official website for more information
No fixed closing days
Please see the official website for more information
Approximately 45 minutes each time


Koiwai Farm Makibaen