Boat Trip and Oyster Raft Experience with Oyster Fisherman

Would you like to meet the fishermen who work hard every day harvesting oysters in the waters between Karakuwa Peninsula and Oshima Island?

Participants in this program will find out how Kesennuma oysters, which are at their peak of tastiness from late autumn through spring, are raised and how they reach customers' tables, while learning how to enjoy oysters using the five senses. After boarding a boat with the fishermen, we will head toward oyster cultivation rafts to take a look at how the oysters are raised in the ocean waters, also giving us a peek into a fisherman's workday. It's the perfect opportunity to see up close how tender and delicious oysters are raised with care by the fishermen. After returning to the work shed, this special program allows participants to taste carefully cultivated fresh oysters and talk with the fishermen.

General Information

Adults: ¥9,800/person Elementary school students: ¥8,800/person Children not yet in school: Free

Minimum participation: 4 persons
Opening Times
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Year-end and New Year Holidays
Approximately 90 minutes (Trip from separate meeting place to the venue takes approximately 30 minutes.)


Kesennuma Tourist Service Center