Nekobari Rock

Nekobari Iwa

Feel the spiritual energy of this unique rock with trees growing on top!

Nekobari Rock is a large uniquely-shaped rock sitting in the upper stream of Babame River, a popular area for river fishing. The sight of the trees sprouting from the top of this 6-metre rock is both bizarre and impressive. The rock’s name “Nekobari” (spreading roots) describes the trees spreading their roots over the rock to the ground beneath. Visitors can’t help but marvel at the sight of these strangely viable trees and get a sense of nature’s wonder. Some visitors think the rock looks like a giant creature, locals say the area is filled with a spiritual energy thanks to presence of the sacred rock.

A 30-minute walk from here is the little village of Kitanomata which is home to a row of thatched-roof cottages. One of these cottages gained fame after appearing in the film “Tsurikichi (Fisherman) Sanpei” and is open to the public. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque Japanese rural scenery of the cottages surrounded by vast fields and a range of mountains in the background.

A further 10-minute walk on from Kitanomata is the restaurant “Seiryu-no-Mori”, a perfect lunchtime stop. The restaurant is located in a former school building and offers dishes made with local mountain produce in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Shirakami, Oga

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