Mt. Hashikamidake Obirakitai

Bright red azaleas and a trail with stunning views

Mt. Hashikamidake is also known as Gagyu-zan because of its gentle mountain shape that looks like a cow lying down. From the top of the 740 m peak, you can see a magnificent landscape that varies depending on the time and direction you look. To the east, you can see the sun rising from the Pacific Ocean, and to the west, you can watch the sunset over the Hakkoda Mountains; to the north lies the city of Hachinohe, and to the south, the Kitakami Mountains.

The eighth station, Obirakitai, is a famous place where you will find azaleas growing. They are at the end of the vehicle road, and the hike from here to the summit is an easy walk, which takes about 30 minutes. The flowers are in full bloom during the Hashikami Gagyu-zan Festival from late May to early June, which is bustling with tourists. 

Mt. Hashikamidake is alive with nature and popular with climbers throughout the year as it can be climbed in winter as well as in summer.

General Information

● About 40 minutes by car from Hashikami Station on the JR Hachinohe Line
● About 55 minutes from Karumai Interchange or Nango Interchange on the Hachinohe Expressway
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