Kamasaki Onsen

Kamasaki Onsen

The Ou no Yakuto bath has a history of over 600 years.

A hot spring resort dotted with five inns with a spring at the bottom of the valley at the foot of Mt. Fubosan in Minami Zao. It is a great place for recreation and recuperation while escaping from the world. There is also a self-catering inn where you can enjoy a therapeutic spa atmosphere. It is a hot spring with a history of over 600 years following its opening in 1428, and its name is said to be derived from the incident when a villager discovered the hot spring with a sickle while cutting grass. Called ""Kizu ni Kamasaki,"" Ou no Yakuto has a reputation for healing cuts.

One of the specialties that has been enjoyed by the therapeutic bath's guests has been the famous Shiroishi Umen noodles. Because the noodles use no oil, they are easily digested and are pleasing for people with weak gastrointestinal tracts. They are also perfect for cooking in one's own room.

Why not heal in the medicinal bath of Ou no Yakuto at a hotel that feels like a hideaway?

General Information

● About 15 minutes from JR Shiroishi-Zao Station or Shiroishi Station
● About 15 minutes from Shiroishi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
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