Miyako City Fish Market

Sea urchin, salmon and salmon roe! Fresh seafood can be found here at one of Japan's leading fish markets

Miyako City Fish Market, known as the “Kitchen of Miyako” was reopened in March 2019. Open each morning at 6:30 am, the market is alive and bustling from early each day and is the place to find the freshest seafood that has been caught in nearby seas, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. There are approximately 30 specialist stores and the distinctive and high-spirited voices of the shop salespeople ring out over the market. 

This region has long been known for its fishing ports and market, due to the fact that the fish caught here are particularly umami-rich, as a result of warm and cold currents colliding offshore. Each season offers a different taste to tantalise the taste buds: flounder in spring, sea urchin, sea squirt and bonito in summer, saury, salmon and scallops in autumn, and spear squid in winter. Come here to the canteen to sample delicious super-fresh seafood rice bowls and sashimi at unbelievable prices.

The best time to visit is early morning, when there are still many items available and you can buy the freshest produce. There will be many things that you want to buy, so if coming by car be sure to bring a cool box for your purchases. There is also a desk in the market that can arrange home delivery (domestic only).

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General Information

Opening Times
Closed every Wednesday and at year-end/new year
2 minutes by car from JR Miyako Station or 10 minutes on foot
Car Park
Space for 3 tour buses and 104 cars
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