Mototaki Fukuryusui Underflow (Mototaki Waterfall)

A waterfall where water gracefully falls from moss-covered rocks

The Mototaki Fukuryusui Underflow features the beautiful contrast between the green moss and white water spray. About five tons of water bursts abundantly from the 30 meter-long rock area each day, keeping the moss vibrant throughout the year with plenty of water. This sightseeing spot makes you feel its refreshing, mysterious beauty when it is enveloped in white fog from the water spray. 

It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the dynamically-flowing Naso no Shirataki waterfall. How about taking a walk among these waterfalls with plenty of negative ions? 

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Nature・Spectacles

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Riverside

General Information

About 20 minutes by car from Kisakata Station on the JR Uetsu Main Line
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