Miharu Takizakura

Miharu Takizakura

A tree estimated to be over 1,000 years old! A magnificent cherry blossom tree with overwhelming beauty and history

Miharu Takizakura is a red weeping cherry tree designated as a natural monument of Japan that is estimated to be over 1,000 years old. It is one of the top three cherry trees in Japan.

It is a large tree. The tree's height is 13.5 meters and its root circumference is 11.3 meters. The span of its branches stretches out from its trunk to 25 meters in the east-west direction and 20 meters in the north-south direction. It is a stunning sight up-close. The small light pink flowers bloom in full on the branches. This makes it look like a waterfall splashing down. Accordingly, it has said to come to be called Takizakura (Waterfall Cherry Tree). Takizakura is also a must-see at night in addition to during the day because it is lit up. (The lighting period is determined according to the flowering situation.)

Traffic restrictions come into effect during the Takizakura season and congestion is expected. Therefore, we recommend using public transportation. Buses and taxis operate on a different route from regular cars. Accordingly, they can take you up to Takizakura smoothly without traffic congestion. There is also a free shuttle bus that operates a special route from Miharu Town Exercise Park.

General Information

Cherry blossom viewing fee: 300 yen (Free for junior high school students and younger)
Opening Times
(until 21:00 during the light-up period)
●Approx. 15 minutes by bus from Miharu Station on the JR Banetsu East Line
●Approx. 20 minutes from Funehiki Miharu IC on the Banetsu Expressway
Car Park
770 private cars
80 large buses
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①Commerce and Tourism Group in the Industry Section of Miharu Town Hall
②Miharu Town Development Corporation / Miharu Tourism Association
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