Kofunato coast

Kofunato Kaigan

Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the blue sky, green fields and a white lighthouse!

Located at the south-eastern corner of Aomori prefecture, the Kominato Coast is a popular viewing location to watch the prefecture’s first sunrise. From the smooth grass fields of the picturesque lighthouse there are no obstacles to impede the breath-taking view of the sun appearing over the horizon. Walking paths and benches along the coast are available to relax and enjoy the serene vista.

As the coast is located on the border of Aomori and Iwate, special stones are located both on the land and in the sea to mark the prefectural boundary. Look out for these border-marking stones inscribed with Chinese characters.

The Ichigoni Festival takes place on the Kominato Coast for a couple of days in late July. “Ichigoni” is a local specialty, a soup made with fresh sea urchins and abalones. The festival is very popular as visitors can sample sumptuous seafood at reasonable prices. Join the festival and enjoy savouring the local blessings of the sea!

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2 hours by car from Shin-Aomori Station
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