Masuda's Built-in Storage

A must-see: The houses of wealthy merchants in the unknown snow country

Masuda was once a town of wealthy merchants. With its traditional townscape and numerous storehouses that tell the tale of past prosperity, it was selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings by the government of Japan. You can enjoy walking the streets while taking in the atmosphere of an old Japanese town.

Many of the homes with built-in storages are merchant homes. The storages have been called ""uchigura"" due to the fact that they were ""built into"" the building of the shops. The buildings have an architectural culture unique to this area of heavy snowfalls.

Don't just stroll around outside, but also take a look inside. Many people are surprised at the brilliant lacquering. You might also want to listen to the explanations closely related to the lives of the home owners. The more you know, the more you will be interested in the depth of their history.

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● About 10 minutes from Jumonji Interchange on the Yuzawa-Yokote Road
● About 10 minutes by bus from Jumoni Station on the JR Ou Main Line
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