Masuda's Built-in Storage

A must-see: The houses of wealthy merchants in the unknown snow country

Masuda developed as a distribution center for goods from the Naruse and Minase Rivers. From the Meiji period onward, Masuda prospered with the establishment of Masuda Bank (the predecessor of today's Hokuto Bank), a hydroelectric power company, and the Yoshino Mine.

Many houses from those days and gutters (uchigura) still exist along Naka-Nanoka-machi Street.

The houses were built to suit the heavy snowfalls of Masuda. The beautifully painted lacquer and other cutting-edge technology of the time make them a must-see.

On site, the homeowner will give you a tour of the houses, and a sightseeing guide (reservation in advance) is also available.

General Information

● About 10 minutes from Jumonji Interchange on the Yuzawa-Yokote Road
● About 10 minutes by bus from Jumoni Station on the JR Ou Main Line
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