Nakajimadai Shishigahana Marsh

Meet "Agariko-daio," the biggest malformation beech tree in the region, and go forest bathing through the marshlands surrounded by large malformed trees

The Nakajimadai Shishigahana Marsh is surrounded by a primeval forest of beech trees. The group of large, malformed trees within the vast marshlands creates a mysterious atmosphere. 

Among the beech trees with their grotesque, strange appearances, one massive tree that dwarfs the others, known as ""Agariko-daio,"" has a trunk circumference of 7.62 meters and is said to be about 300 years old. It makes you feel the strength of the vitality of the beech trees and the mysteries of nature. 

Moss, which is precious worldwide, grows in a wide area in large quantities in the forest. You can also see ball-shaped Chokai Marimo that develop here in the running water. 

Have a soothing time by going forest bathing in the tranquility. It takes up to about 2 hours 20 minutes to go around the promenade. 

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Nature・Spectacles

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●About 30 minutes by car from Kisakata Station on the JR Ou Main Line
●About 15 minutes by car from the Kisakata IC on the Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway
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