Hachimori Isaribi Onsen Hatahata-kan

Immerse yourself fully in the luxurious bath waters while admiring the view of the setting sun over the Sea of Japan

This hot spring resort takes pride in its open-air bath, which offers sweeping views of the Sea of Japan. The evening sun creates a moving tableau as it sinks into the sea. The resort has ""funeburo,"" a bath based on the motif of Japanese sandfish fishing boats, as well as ""iwaburo,"" a healing open-air bath that exudes a sense of nature, both of which overlook the sea. The resort is also equipped with a bedrock bath and sauna. 

Once your body has been warmed up from inside, enjoy a meal of fresh local seafood. Japanese sandfish (hatahata), which the resort takes its name from, is a local specialty of Akita that tastes good either simmered or grilled. 

In addition to the Western-style and Japanese-style bedrooms, another striking feature of Hatahata-kan is its trailer accommodations. Enjoy a barbecue followed by a hot spring bath, then go to bed in an extraordinary trailer bedroom—this makes for a unique and fun holiday. 

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Hot springs

General Information

[Hot spring entrance fee] Adult 500 yen, Elementary/junior high school students 200 yen
●About 3 minutes walk on dedicated Sky Road from Akitashirakami Station on the JR Gono Line
●About 30 minutes from Noshiro-higashi Interchange and about 40 minutes from Noshiro-minami Interchange on the Akita Expressway
Car Park
Yes (180 spaces)
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