Homei Shijuhachi Falls

A famous hidden waterfall surrounded by Sendai's clear waters and verdant forests

With its crystal-clear waters in the heart of a verdant green forest, Homei Shijuhachi Falls is one of Sendai’s famous, yet hidden waterfalls. It is comprised of a series of interlinked waterfalls of varying sizes, hence its name (Shijuhachi meaning 48 in Japanese). The first word in its name is said to derive from the word for the mythical phoenix (“Hoo” in Japanese), as the beautiful sound of the tinkling water over the falls supposedly resembles the call of this fabled bird.

As you look from a high vantage point to the upper reaches of the Hirose River, you will see a number of waterfalls cascading down in a step formation, churning the water into white foam. Beyond the dense forest you will see the imposing form of Mt. Kamakura, resembling an upturned pot.

The best time to visit is for the autumn leaves, when the entire broadleaf forest seems to shine like a phoenix in hues of red and gold. The sight of the waterfall dusted in snow is also magically beautiful. 

The waterfall is on the way to Sakunami Onsen from Sendai and the viewing point is just a three-minute stroll from the car park. If you are nearby please do take a look.

General Information

25 minutes by car from Sendai-Miyagi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
70 minutes from bus stand 10 at the West Exit of Sendai Station (Take the bus for Sakunami Onsen and get off at ""Homei Shijuhachi-taki Iriguchi"" bus stop)
Car Park
Yes (Free)
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