Yasu-no-Taki Falls


A dynamic two-tier waterfall praised as the second of Japan’s 100 greatest waterfalls

Yasu-no-Taki Falls has been selected as the second of Japan’s 100 greatest waterfalls. The waterfall descends 90 metres in two levels, with drops of 60 metres and 30 metres into a plunge pool below. The view from the basin is awe-inspiring and appears as if the sky itself were flooding. The waterfall receives praise from nature lovers for its extensive scale and beauty.

The white waters cascading over the steep cliff face create a beautiful contrast with the seasonal green, yellow and red leaves of the surrounding maple, beech and rowan trees. On fine days visitors may be lucky enough to see the picturesque vista of a rainbow over the waterfall.

Please note that visitors need to take a steep 45-minute path through the gorge from the car park to Yasu-no-Taki Falls. Be sure to wear suitable footwear. The walking path offers the perfect opportunity to refresh yourself in the incredible natural surroundings while enjoying the beauty of the gorge!

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Nature・Spectacles

General Information

30 minutes by car and a 45 minute walk from Animatagi Station on Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway
Car Park
Parking: Available
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Round trip takes about 2 to 3 hours
The forest road and trail to Yasunotaki Falls may be closed due to construction or other reasons.
Please check in advance whether or not the paths are passable.


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