Participate in Oma’s Maso Procession(Y Project K.K.)

This is a tour to participate in the Maso Procession, a Shinto ritual held once a year, and pray for good luck in the famous fishing town of Oma

Oma is the bluefin tuna fishing capital of Japan. This fisherman’s town is famous across Japan for bringing in giant tuna that have sold at auction for as much as 333.6 million yen. At Oma, a Shinto ritual is held just once a year (on Ocean Day) to pray for a good catch and form a procession to worship Maso (Tenpi), a maritime sea goddess also known as Mazu. During this tour, you can participate in an unusual procession combining aspects of Japanese and Taiwanese Maso worship with the Oma fishermen.

o Chinese-speaking guide is available. For an English-speaking guide, please ask.

o After participating in the procession, enjoy a set meal of Oma tuna nigiri sushi and a seafood hotpot at Hamazushi, a famous restaurant in the Maguro Bancho series .

o Maso (Maso-no-kami; a goddess believed to watch over the fishing industry and protect people from natural disasters in China and Taiwan) has been worshipped in Oma since 1696, when she is said to have saved the boat of then-village leader Gozaemon Ito on the brink of shipwreck.

General Information

\9,500 per person (incl. tax; with guide, pick-up/drop-off in town, and lunch)
Opening Times
Tour time:
8:30am - 1:30pm
Tour held:
July 22, 2021 (Marine Day) *Held every year on Marine Day
4 hours
Minimum participants: 2


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