Lake Hibara Pond Smelt Fishing and Fish Fry(Outdoor Sports Club BACCS)

Lake Hibara Pond Smelt Fishing and Fish Fry

● [Easy for novices!]

This program keeps everything easy so that everyone from groups to families who have never fished can enjoy dropping a line in the water. (*Children can participate from 1st grade.)

◆ Free equipment rental:

《Pole》 《Tackle》 《Bait》 《Shoe Covers》 The price to rent an entire set of equipment is all included in the participation fees. Anyone who has never fished before can participate without hesitation.

◆ Tour with guide:

A local guide assists the tour from pick-up throughout the fishing.

●[Fun After the Tour!  Pond Smelt Fish Fry]

Fry up and eat the smelt fish that you caught while fishing. Please rest assured fish have been prepared beforehand to ensure a meal even if no fish are caught (the fish may not have been caught in Lake Hibara but other lakes such as from Lake Akan).

General Information

[General admission (*Elementary school students and above)]
¥5,800 (including tax/per person)
Extra fishing tickets for high school students and above: ¥700
Opening Times
8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed on days without reservations
3 hours
Minimum participants: 1


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