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Welcome to home of many folktales, Tono.

If you use our provided taxi, you can choose your preferred time and location. You can enjoy the spotlight of Tokyo 23 wards in Tono. Here, our drivers, all who speak the local dialect, are the best combination for your tour guide.

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General Information

◎A・B Plan (1 hour course for those who do not have time)
 Standard Taxi: 6280 yen Extra Large (Jumbo Taxi) :10400 yen
◎C Plan (2 hours course TONO MONOGATARI MEGURI)
 Standard Taxi: 12560 yen Extra Large Taxi: 20800 yen
◎D・E Plan (2.5 hours course TONO MONOGATARI MEGURI)
 Standard Taxi: 15700 yen Extra Large Taxi: 26000 yen
◎F Plan (3 hours course TONO MONOGATARI MEGURI)
 Standard Taxi: 18840 yen Extra Large Taxi: 31200 yen
Opening Times
7:00 ~ 18:00
10 seconds walk from Tono Station
Other than Tono Station, you can also request for pickup from other place.
Please feel free to discuss with us if you need a taxi from a different station or from any accommodation.
Target Period
All year
With/Without Advance Reservation
Yes ※Pickup service at Tono Station ticket gate.
With/Without Excursion Pass
How to Purchase
You may pay by credit card or mobile payment, such as PayPay or Rakuten Pay, before getting off the taxi.
Sales Period
All year
Language Support
Multilingual guidebook from the Tono Industrial Promotion Division, English tourist guide map from the Tono Tourism Association, handbook about disaster and emergency preparedness from the Japan Tourism Agency are available.


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