Hachinohe Kotsubu

We are aiming to provide a safer, more secure and more comfortable city bus.

The Hachinohe City Bus will be an active part in both citizens and tourists city sightseeing. Bus routes will be departing from the central city, so it is easy for users to understand. Besides, we also offer many cheap tickets such as One Day Pass.

General Information

Regular fare:
Adult 170 yen ~ 320 yen
Children half the adult fares. However, round off 5 yen to 10 yen.
Opening Times
Weekdays 8:15~18:00
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays 9:15~13:00, 14:00~17:30
Wheelchair users:
・If you are a wheelchair user and would like ride with us, please contact the sales office via telephone at least 2 days in advance.

Stroller users:
・If you are a stroller user, please fold the stroller before you get on. If you see a stroller sign sticker on the vehicle, you can ride it without folding the stroller.
・To ensure safety while riding, the guardian should fix the stroller with a belt and support it with his/her hand. In case of morning and evening rush hour and congestion, you may be asked to fold the stroller.
Target Period
All year
Operation Time
First train 5:36 / Last train 22:55
First train 5:37 / Last train 22:54
Sundays, Holidays
First train 5:36 / Last train 22:55
With/Without Advance Reservation
With/Without Excursion Pass
One Day Pass
One day unlimited ride for all lines
Adult 600 yen, Child 300 yen
Available on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, and 25th of every month.
How to Purchase
Cash only
Sales Period
All year
Applicable Transportation Facility
Hachinohe City Bus All line


Hachinohe Kotsubu
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