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▼Information for rental cars in Aomori prefecture

Most suitable for travels in the most northern part of Honshu. Places like Hirosaki Castle of Hirosaki City, Shiragamisanchi which is located at the prefecture border next to Akita prefecture, and  Mount Osore, known as the the active volcano at Shimokita Peninsula are very famous in Aomori.

▼Information for rental cars in Akita prefecture

Lake Towada whose depth boasts the deepest in Japan and its  beautiful azure colored waters, Oga Peninsula which is surrounded by the blue skies and seas, and the greeneries at Naso Waterfall will make you forget of the ordinary. Akita prefecture is actually like a tresure box of colors. You can rent a car to go on a journey in search of colorful treasures. 

▼Information for rental cars in Iwate prefecture

There are many charming travel spots such as Konjikido, Genbikei Gorge and many more in Iwate prefecture. If you would want to drive around in Hachimantai, a rental car will be the most suitable choice! By the way, we have also many amazing driving spots, with the Sanriku Coast being the prominent one.

▼Information for rental cars in Yamagata prefecture

For places in Yamagata prefecture such as Yonezawa City for Uesugi Joshi Park and Yonezawa Beef, hot springs and temple visits at Tsuruoka, fruit harvesting at Tendo,  visting Zao via Kaminoyama City and many more, you can choose a rental car based on your destination. 

▼Information for rental cars in Miyagi prefecture

There are many famous spots in Miyagi prefecture. From Sendai, the City of Trees, rent a car and travel to Matsushima, which is known as oneof the three most scenic spots in Japan, before heading towards Zao with through a perfect driving course. You can also enjoy fresh seafood at Shigama Market, relax and do some shopping. 

▼Information for rental cars in Fukushima prefecture

Fukushima prefecture has many driving routes with scenic views, where you can also enjoy the different landscapes of the four seasons at Lake Inawashiro and Mount Bandai. 

Besides that, Aizu area which is also abundant of good food (Kitakata ramen for an example) and hot springs, is highly recommended for one-day trips. 

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