Sanriku Railway 【Get Down Halfway ticket】

You can get down halfway! Although you cannot make a round-trip, but you can still enjoy areas along the Sanriku Railway lines.

It is divided into various sections of the line so you can purcahse according to your liking. 

1. Sakari Station→Kuji Station (purchase at Sakari Station) / Kuji Station→Sakari Station (purchase at Kuji Station)

 Validity: 2 days  3,780yen

2. Sakari Station→Miyako Station (purchase at Sakari Station) / Miyako Station→Sakari Station (purchase at Miyako Station)

 Validity: 1 day (only date of purchase) 2,310yen

3. Kamaishi Station→Kuji Station (purchase at Kamaishi Station) / Kuji Station→Kamaishi Station (purchase at Kuji Station)

 Validity: 2 days 3,050yen

4. Miyako Station→Kuji Station (purchase at Miyako Station) / Kuji Station→Miyako Station (purchase at Kuji Station)

 Validity: 1 day (only date of purchase)  1,890yen

General Information

1-1-80 Miya-cho, Miyako-shi, Iwate-ken 027-0052
Opening Times
Official Website
Target Period
※Differs from the sections of the train lines.


Sanriku Railway Co,.Ltd. Tourist Sales Department
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