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In order to become a company that can connet smiley faces

We JR East Rental&Lease will  fulfill the duty as a member of JR East, sharing happiness to customers, local community, business partners, workers and families by our car rental and car leasing  service. We will connect the smiley faces and enrich the lives of everyone.

Good deal on Eki Rent-a-car♪

Let's discover the attractions of Tohoku!!

【Tohoku limited rental car products】

About the Eki-net + Eki Rent-a-car plan that if you book a train ticket on JR East Japan's Eki-net, you can get a discount on car rental, a new Tohoku limited plan that you can rent a Toyota is now available.

Eki-net + Rent-a-car Plan Toyota Special

Travel in Tohoku more conveniently and seamlessly!

TOHOKU Mass + Eki-Rent-a-car Plan

General Information

Please check the official website for confirmation
Opening Times
・Shin-Aomori Office
・Morioka Office
・Akita Office
・Sendai Office
・Yamagata Office
・Fukushima Office
・Shin-Aomori service office ※Turn right and walk 50m after you exit from the north exit. It is under the highway.

・Akita service office ※Metro Topico&ALS Parking Lot 1 Floor 1

・Morioka service office ※Floor 1 of the station, south side

・Sendai service office ※S-PAL Sendai East building Floor 1, near the east-west free passage

・Yamagata service office ※Turn left after you exit the ticket gate, it will be under the stairs on the left side of the free passage

・Fukushima service office ※Turn left and walk 80m after you exit from the west exit
Official Website
Payments make at Eki-Rent-a-car office should be through credit card.
※Except for offices that do not accept credit cards.

If you pay in cash(including coupons, e-money etc.), please check the following (1) and (2).
※Please check these too if you are at offices that do not accept credit cards.
(1)The validity of your credit cards. (Except the offices that do not accept credit cards)
(2)Document that can show your current address or your identity.(Apart from driving license)

If we can not make confirmation, we may not provide the car rental service. Please be prepared beforehand. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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Telephone Number
【Service offices in Tohoku area】
・Shin-Aomori service office
・Akita service office
・Morioka service office
・Sendai service office
・Yamagata service office
・Fukushima service office