Post Station’s Hina Doll Festival Taxi Tour(Hanamaki Tourism Association)

Taxi service for experiencing the Japanese traditional culture of hina dolls

Ride a jumbo-taxi to events related to hina dolls, which are part of Japanese traditional culture. You’ll see Tsurushi-hina, elegant hina dolls hanging from the ceiling to watch over the healthy growth of children, as well as a display of hina dolls and accessories at a shopping street with a nostalgic atmosphere. Enjoy a stroll through the area and see Japanese traditional culture up close. Lunch is a Japanese set menu inspired by the hina doll festival (in Japan, on March 3 every year, families put up dolls known as “ohinasama,” “hina ningyo,” or “hina kazari” and hold a hina doll festival to pray for the healthy growth of girls).

Take advantage of the convenient and reasonable Post Station’s Hina Doll Festival taxi accessible from hot spring facilities and train stations.

Taxi service: Friday, February 21 – Tuesday, March 3, 2020

General Information

¥5,000/person (Includes taxi fare, all admission fees, lunch, tax)
*Taxi is shared with others
Opening Times
8:30am - 5:30pm
December 29 - January 3
5 hours
Minimum participants: 1


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