Sand Craft in Mitane" Tour and Mini Sand Sculpture Making Experience(Sakyu Onsen Yumeron)

See amazing sand sculptures made by world-renowned sculptors! Make your own sand sculpture!

Have fun at the sand sculpture event, “Sand Craft in Mitane,” which is held every year on Saturday and Sunday in late July.

You’ll see elaborate sand works made by professional sand sculptures who have become world champions in sand sculpting competitions, as well as by production teams invited from all over Japan and outside of Japan.

The beach, sand sculptures, and wind power generators create a spectacular sight.

After viewing such artistic works, make a mini sand sculpture yourself. You can enter a mini sand sculpting tournament and win a luxurious prize.

Experience Japan’s traditional summer delights, including swimming in the sea, festival food stalls, and fireworks festival.

General Information

(Day Trip Plan)
Adult / Child:
*Incl. consumption tax

(Overnight Trip Plan)
Adult: ¥20,000
Child: ¥18,000
*Incl. consumption tax and bath tax
Opening Times
8:30am - 5:15pm
Weekends and public holidays
(Day Trip Plan)
6 hours
(Overnight Trip Plan)
1 night/2 days
Minimum participants: 2


Akita Shirakami Tourism / Mitane Town
Telephone Number

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