Unshoji Temple (Oga City, Akita Prefecture)

"A place you must visit before you die!" (The Best Scenery in Japan Edition 2017)

One night, Mr. Shuun Konaka, the deputy chief priest of Unshoji Temple, fell in love with a hydrangea on the temple grounds, which prompted him to propagate over 1,500 additional hydrangeas from the cuttings of the original one. 

In addition to having lovingly nurtured the hydrangeas for many years, he also developed a unique technique that allows a larger number of flowers to grow on each plant than ordinary hydrangea, so when they are in full bloom, the entire area is covered by blue. 

The blue hydrangeas bloom like a carpet, and the port town of Kitaura and the sea of Oga unfold behind them, creating a spectacular scenery that can only be seen here. 

The hydrangeas are usually in full bloom in late June, and the best time to see them is from mid-June to early-July. 

According to Mr. Konaka, the best time to see the hydrangeas is both during the daytime and evening.

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:photogenic

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Flowers

General Information

◇Daytime 500 yen
(200 yen for entrance fee + 300 yen for special entrance fee during hydrangea season)

◇700 yen
(200 yen for entrance fee + 500 yen for special nighttime viewing)

*Free for middle school students and below
*Daytime and nighttime are charged separately
*Group discounts are not available
*200 yen for general admission except during the hydrangea season
Opening Times
9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30) 

Special nighttime illumination viewing
18:45-21:30 (last admission 21:00)
●Approximately 45 minutes (34km) by car from Showa Oga Peninsula Interchange.
●From JR Akita Station, take the Oga Line for about 1 hour to Oga Station or Hadachi Station. 20-40 minutes (16km) by Namahage Shuttle, local bus, cab, etc.
●About 7 minutes by car (4km) from Oga Onsen Village
●There are no car rental companies in Oga City, so please make arrangements at Akita Station or the airport.
Car Park
Free of charge for standard vehicles / 2,000 yen per vehicle for buses

*During hydrangea season, the parking lot on the temple grounds will be closed to vehicles
*During this season, since the road in front of Unshoji Temple is narrow and crowded with pedestrians, we ask for your cooperation with the ""No Entry for General Vehicles"" rule. Buses will not be allowed to pass through.
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