Oirase Mountain Stream

Oirase Keiryu

With two stars in the Michelin Green Guide, this pristine stream is one of the most popular scenic locations in Tohoku

Oirase Mountain Stream is one of the most popular attractions in Tohoku and has been awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide. The stream stretching for 14km is home to boundless scenic beauty. The journey between viewing highlights can be made by car or bus however walking the route is particularly recommended in order to enjoy this spectacle to its fullest, the extra time and effort are highly rewarded! While walking through the natural green tunnels of the trail, visitors can appreciate the beauty of the vibrant mosses and foliage, breathe in the forest air, and be dazzled by the dance of the sunshine filtering through the overhead foliage on the sparkling water surface.

Photography enthusiasts in particular should walk from the lower to the upper stream to find the ideal vantage points of the natural light shining on the stream and surrounding foliage. The trail is an easy walk without any challenging climbs. The four-hour full trekking route from the pleasure boat pier of Lake Towada (Nenokuchi bus stop) to Yakeyama bus stop close to the Oirase Stream Museum is as follows:

Nenokuchi - (20min) - Choshi Otaki - (50min) - Kumoi no Nagare - (30min) - Kumoi no Taki - (30m) - Makado Iwa - (15min) – Ishigedo - (70min) - Yakeyama

The best time to enjoy the area’s verdant greens is from mid-May to mid-June. Gorgeous autumn leaves are at their best from mid to late October. Journey times may be slower due to traffic congestion during these peak seasons. Beat the crowd by starting your trek in the early morning and you will also have the chance to see the fantastic morning dews sparkling in the sunshine filtering through the foliage.


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Take JR bus bound for “Towadako Yasumiya” from Aomori Station, Misawa Station or Hachinohe Station
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