Towada Oyu Onsen

The southern entryway to tourism in Towada

Located south of Lake Towada, Oyu Onsen is a hot springs area that naturally sprang forth along the Oyu River 800 years ago. It is an optimal area for tourism that includes Lake Towada. It has traditional hot springs that are not separated by gender, and the stinging hot water is said to be effective for recovery from weariness and against poor circulation.

The Oyu Bon Odori, the Oyu Onsen Summer Festival that includes a fireworks display, and the Oyu Odaiko Matsuri with over 50 drumming groups are held as festivals to enjoy the short summers in northern Japan. In winter, in addition to games such as treasure hunting in the snow, playing tug of war, and going “hip skiing,” the Oyu Onsen Winter Festival is held to enjoy drinking sake and other activities in Kamakura snow huts that are unique to the snow country of northern Japan. 

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Hot springs

General Information

● About 15 minutes from the Towada Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
● About 15 minutes by taxi from Towada-Minami Station on the JR Hanawa Line
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O-yu Onsen-Kankokyokai
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