Nihonmatsu Kiku Ningyo

Your eyes will be drawn to the elaborate Kiku Ningyo (figures dressed in chrysanthemum flowers and branches) and Senrinzaki (technique in which 1,000 flowers can bloom on one stem)

There have been many chrysanthemum fans in Nihonmatsu since the period when it was known as the Nihonmatsu Domain, and Kiku Ningyo (chrysanthemum dolls) have been used to decorate the city since the early Showa period. Exhibition of the figures of “Nihonmatsu Kiku Ningyo” began to be held at Kasumiga-jo Castle Park in 1955, and exhibitions are now held annually from early October to mid-November. The venue of Fukushima Prefecture’s Kasumiga-jo Castle Park contains the ruins of Nihonmatsu Castle and is a national designated landmark. Your eyes will be drawn to the many vivid chrysanthemum blossoms including the Kiku Ningyo carefully created by artisans and the famous Senrinzaki. During the exhibition period, there is also a fair and product exhibits. 

In addition, the Nihonmatsu Mum Festival is held at the same time. ""Mum"" is another name for chrysanthemum, and usually refers to chrysanthemum varieties cultivated through selective breeding in the West. In recent years, the flowers have been gradually becoming popular for the Chrysanthemum Festival (the Choyo festival), Mother’s Day, weddings, and other occasions, and chic mum varieties in various colours and shapes are being cultivated in Nihonmatsu City. You can experience the charms of chrysanthemums and mums, which have had a traditional reputation until now, in new ways including exhibits of works using various mums, workshops, attractions, and more. 

General Information

Adults: 900 yen (group discount for 20 or more people: 800 yen)
People with a disability certificate: 700 yen (group discount for 20 or more people: 600 yen)
Free for junior high school students and younger
Opening Times
● About 5 minutes from the Nihonmatsu IC on the Tohoku Expressway
● About a 20-minute walk from Nihonmatsu Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line
Car Park
Early October to mid-November
Fukushima Prefecture Kasumiga-jo Castle Park (3-chome, Kakunai, Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture)


Tourism Section, Industrial Division, Nihonmatsu City
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