Lake Juni

A group of lakes and marshes including the mysterious Aoike

Lake Juni is the general term for a group of 33 lakes and marshes surrounded by a beech forest located in the western part of the Shirakami-Sanchi mountainous area. It is said this was formed by a landslide due to a large earthquake in 1704. You can see 12 lakes and marshes if you look from Mt. Kuzure. accordingly, these are called Lake Juni (12 lakes).

The most famous of these in particular is Aoike that glitters in vivid cobalt blue. Large rotten beech trees lie flat in the water and the water is clear to the extent that you can see the fallen trees at the bottom of the pond. Meanwhile, the blue surface of the pond is clear like the flow of ink. It is a mysterious sight. In the same way, the spring of Wakitsubo no Ike with its beautiful blue lake water has also been selected as one of the famous springs of Aomori Prefecture. After taking a stroll, take a break with a drink of tea brewed in the famous spring water of Wakitsubo no Ike in the Juniko-an teahouse.

You can enter Lake Juni from April to November. The fresh green leaf and fall leaf seasons are popular times for trekking. You can also view the Japan Canyon where the white rock surface cliffs are reflected into the surrounding trees from the Lake Juni Tour Course.

The gate continuing on to Lake Juni is closed from December to March. This means that cars cannot pass. It is not possible for individuals to take a stroll here at that time. However, you can take a stroll if you are accompanied by a guide. Please inquire if you wish to enjoy the snowy landscape.

General Information

●Approx. 2 hours and 45 minutes by car from Owani Hirosaki IC on the Tohoku Expressway
●Approx. 15 minutes by bus from JR Juniko Station to the Oku-Juniko Parking Lot stop
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