Dakigaeri Valley

Dakigaeri Keikoku

A scenic gorge with a mystical cobalt blue stream particularly popular when surrounded by summer greens and autumn foliage

Dakigaeri Valley, with its beautiful and mysterious azure mountain streams, is also known for its fresh greenery and autumnal foliage. It was named "Dakigaeri" because the mountain path was so narrow and steep that people had to hold on to each other to pass each other.

The best season to visit is from mid-June to late August when the leaves are fresh green, and from early October to early November when the leaves turn red. Many people come to visit during the Dakigaeri Autumn Leaves Festival held during the season to see performances and tea ceremonies.

There is a path along the river to enjoy a casual stroll. It takes around 30 minutes and is a 1.5-km one-way course with few ups and downs. The Kami no Iwahashi (rock bridge of God), located a 2 to 3 minutes' walk from Dakigaeri Shrine at the entrance of the path, is a major scenic spot of this valley. The contrast between the red suspension bridge and the emerald green surface of the water is an absolutely beautiful sight.

From there, beyond the scattered rocks, such as Mikoishi, Goza no Ishi, and Taishaku no Iwaya, you will find Seigan Bridge, a popular photo spot with rock walls on both banks looming over the cobalt blue river surface. After passing through three tunnels, you will come to Mikaeri no Taki, a waterfall with a beautiful view of the river. The name "Mikaeri" comes from the fact that you will want to look back again and again.

Further down from the Mikaeri No Taki Falls you can come across the limura Boy Memorial, a statue of a Jizo and a monument.

*Please note that the trail is usually closed from late November to late April due to snow.

General Information

*Closed during winter season (from late November to mid April)
15 minutes by car from JR Kakunodate Staion
5 minutes by car from JR Jindai Staion
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