Naruko-kyo Gorge


Enjoy the views of this spectacular gorge! One of Tohoku’s best locations to admire autumn leaves

Naruko-kyo Gorge was created by the erosion of the Oya River. The gorge located in the Kurikoma Quasi-National Park is officially recognised as a place of scenic beauty. The 100m high sheer cliffs offer spectacular views with a range of unique rock formations and thick bushes covering the rough rock surface. Known as one of Tohoku’s greatest places of autumnal beauty, the deep gorge is particularly impressive when decorated with colourful autumn leaves. The white rock surface contrasts beautifully with a covering of colourful trees and bushes. The best time to enjoy this display of colours is from late October to early November. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent views from the observation platform at the Naruko-kyo Rest House as well as the observation decks along the local walking trails.

The beautiful arch of Ofukasawa Bridge over the Oya River is a popular scenic view of Naruko-kyo Gorge. Visitors can also enjoy the incredible view of the gorge from the bridge itself. You may even be lucky enough to see a charming local train passing from the gorge tunnel!

The 2.2km Ofukasawa Trail is a pleasant walking path from which to enjoy views of the gorge while listening to the sounds of the river flowing below. Please note that the trail is closed during winter.

Thanks to the popular hot springs such as Nakayamadaira Onsen and Naruko Onsen in the neighbourhood, Naruko-kyo Gorge is filled with visitors throughout the year.

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50 minutes by car from Furukawa IC on Tohoku Expressway
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