Hakkoda Ropeway

Hakkoda Ropeway

Enjoy magnificent views of the mountains and natural surroundings from this incredible ropeway!

The 2.5km Hakkoda Ropeway offers superb views of the natural scenery of the Hakkoda Mountain Range as it climbs 650m up Mount Tamoyachi. Seasonal spectacles include fresh verdant greens in mid-May, pretty alpine flowers from mid-May to mid-August, vibrant autumnal colours from late September to mid-October and brilliant hoar frosts in January and February. Year-round skiing is available with the best conditions available from late November to mid-May.

Visitors can enjoy panoramic views stretching as far as the city of Aomori, Mutsu Bay, Tsugaru Peninsula, Shimokita Peninsula and Mount Iwaki on fine days.

The ropeway runs throughout the year. A 10-minute ride takes visitors to Summit Park station at the top of Mount Tamoyachi. The surrounding area is dotted with ponds and marshes and is home to a variety of alpine plants. A range of trails is available for trekkers of all levels from a 30-minute walking path to a challenging 4-hour climbing course.

After a long walk, relax in a hot spring bath with 300 years of history at Sukayu Onsen. There are mountain trails leading to Sukayu Onsen from Summit Park station. Be sure to wear trainers or climbing boots to follow these trails. A walk along the Kenashi Paradise Line takes 2 hours and 30 minutes and a trek along the Odake Climbing Course takes 4 hours.

Aomori, Hakkoda

General Information

Round ticket
Adults (Junior high school students or older): 2,000 yen
Children (Elementary students): 700 yen
Under 5 years: Free
Opening Times
Operating hours:
9:00-16:20 from March to early November
9:00-15:40 from mid-November to February
60 minutes by bus from Aomori Station or Lake Towada
45 minutes by car from Shin-Aomori Station
Car Park
Parking: Available
Official Website
Reviews (TripAdvisor)
Wheelchair-accessible ropeway (the area around Sancho Station is wheelchair accessible)
Multipurpose lavatories and elevators for disabled visitors are available at Sancho Station and Sanroku Station
*Wheelchair: available at Sancho and Sanroku Station


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