Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park Tanesashi Coast

Enjoy the varied and scenic coast of this 30-minute paradise from the city with all your senses!

Among the Sanriku Reconstruction National Parks created on May 24, 2013 to contribute to the reconstruction of the Sanriku area damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tanesashi Coast is said to be a treasure trove of spectacular scenery.

It is also certified for excellence by Trip Advisor. With over 650 species of native plants, it is also known as the "flowery shore" where flowers bloom from early summer to autumn. The 12-kilometer-long coastline is sprinkled with one-of-a-kind sights, including Kaburajima Island, a breeding ground for petrels, the beautifully scenic Ashigezaki Observatory, and a natural grassy area along the sea.

The splendor of the area has been loved by writers and artists such as Hatsusaburo Yoshida, a painter of bird's-eye views, and Kaii Higashiyama, a Japanese painter, who left many works of art related to Tanegashi.

≪Ashigezaki Observatory≫ This observatory is located at the tip of the cape. It is said to have been used to monitor foreign ships in the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate and by the Japanese military during the Pacific War, and is now a place of scenic beauty that people can enjoy today.

≪Nakasuga≫ There is a promenade along the reef cove. The mountain stream has made the promenade more enjoyable to stroll along, with many plants that bloom only in high mountains.

≪Kamanokuchi≫ It is called Kamanokuchi because there is a rock in the shape of a large cauldron in the sea in the cove.

≪Osuga Beach≫ A beach with precious squeaking sand. The 2.3-kilometer-long white sand beach is the largest beach in Tohoku where visitors can take a walk.

≪You can experience "squeaking sand" on the beach of Oosuga Beach, which makes a "squeak, squeak" sound when the sand is rubbed. This sound is made when quartz grains of sand with their corners removed are clean and dry.

≪Shiraiwa≫It is called Shiraiwa because it is whitened by cormorant droppings. The contrast between the blue of the sea and sky and the green of the pine grove is beautiful.

≪Yodo no Matsubara≫ A promenade lined with pine trees more than 100 years old. The rugged beauty of the coast can be seen through the trees.

≪The terrace covered with natural grass extends all the way to the edge of the waves, offering an open landscape with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Rocky mountains appear as far as Ohkuki at the southern end.

General Information

Opening Times
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Car: 35 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 25 minutes from downtown Hachinohe, 30 minutes from Hachinohe IC of Hachinohe Expressway
Rail: 40-minute walk from Same Station on the JR Hachinohe Line
Bus: Take the Tanezaki Kaigan sightseeing bus "Umineko" and get off at the nearest bus stop.
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