Goshikinuma Lake


See the mysterious hues of this group of lakes and ponds

Goshikinuma, literally meaning “Five Coloured Ponds”, is a group of volcanic lakes, ponds and marshes. The ponds take their name from the mysterious hues that vary in colour depending on the season, weather and angle of view. The complex actually consists of more than five ponds including the renowned Bishamon-numa, Aka-numa, Midoro-numa, Tatsu-numa, Benten-numa, Ruri-numa, Ao-numa and Yanagi-numa. Goshikinuma is formally known as the “Group of Lakes and Ponds of Goshikinuma” and was awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide in 2016.

On the largest pond, Bishamon-numa, row boats are available for hire and large numbers of carp can be seen swimming about. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rare one with heart-shaped spots on her side which is thought to bring good luck!

Each pond has a character all its own. Aka-numa is framed with red-tinted plants thanks to the high iron content of the water. Meanwhile three different colours can be seen on the surface of Midoro-numa.

The Goshikinuma Nature Trail is a beautiful walking path linking the lakes and ponds. It takes just over an hour to walk the trail’s gently sloping hills and it is suitable for people of all abilities. Early birds may be lucky enough to catch a mesmerising view of the lakes and ponds crowned with morning mists. The clear waters of Yagi-numa is a must-see!

There are several vantage points around Goshikinuma where visitors can enjoy breath-taking views of the lakes and ponds as well as nearby Mount Bandai, one of Japan’s most famous mountains.

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