Jodogahama Beach


This beautiful beach compared to Buddha’s Paradise was once visited by Kenji Miyazawa

Jodogahama Beach in the Sanriku Geopark is located within the Sanriku Fukko National Park and is officially recognised as a place of scenic beauty. The beach sits on a peaceful inlet formed by volcanic white rocks and pebbles and contrasts beautifully with the surrounding green pine grove, reminding visitors of the beauty of traditional Japanese rock gardens. Legend has it that a Buddhist priest who once visited compared the beach’s beauty to Buddha’s Paradise giving rise to the name Jodogahama (Buddha’s Paradise Beach).

The calm beach is a popular bathing location during summer and is regularly listed as one of Japan’s best swimming locations.

Pleasure boat cruises are also available. Departing from Jodogahama, passengers have the chance to feed flocks of black-tailed gulls while enjoying the superb views of the national natural treasure Shiofuki-ana, the sheer cliffs of Anegasaki Cape and Hidejima Island.

Visitors can learn the history of the local area and its marine life at the nearby Jodogahama visitor centre and Iwate Marine Science Museum before heading along the walking trails to observation decks offering panoramic views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. The Jodogahama Rest House is the perfect place for a break offering a range of local dishes and souvenirs with wonderful coastal views.

Boat tours to Hachinoheana, known as the Blue Cave, are available from the Jodogahama Marine House. The tour weaves through dynamic coastal landscapes before reaching the incredible blue waters within the cave. A morning tour is particularly recommended as this is when the emerald green of the ocean water is at its most impressive.

Kenji Miyazawa, a famous poet and writer of fairy tales, is among the well-known visitors to Jodogahama. Enjoy the stunning scenery of this beach long-compared to Buddha’s Paradise!

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20 minutes by bus from JR Miyako Station to the bus stop Oku Jodogahama 2 hours by car from Morioka-minami IC on Tohoku Expressway and a 10-15 minutes walk from car parks 1-3
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