Miyazawa Kenji Fairytale Village

Miyazawa Kenji Dowa-Mura

Experience the fantasy world of Kenji Miyazawa!

The Miyazawa Kenji Fairy Tale Village gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy hands-on learning about the fantasy worlds of Kenji Miyazawa. Pass through the Milky Way Station gate at the village entrance and step into the world of Kenji Miyazawa!

Kenji no Gakko (Kenji’s school) consists of five rooms, the Fantasy Hall, Uchu (universe), Tenku (sky), Daichi (earth) and Mizu (water). A particular highlight is the world of bugs and plants seen from an ant’s point of view of in the Daichi room.

Kenji no Kyoshitsu (Kenji’s classroom) is a row of log-houses with lovely motifs, each house presents a display of plants, animals, stars, birds and stones. A gift shop is also available.

The outdoor space represents some of the sources of his ideas. Enjoy a stroll along the Fukuro no Komichi (owl’s path), relax on one of the benches in the Yosei no Komichi (fairy’s path) and meditate on the surrounding wonders. Visitors can see the wild herbs that appeared in his fairy tales in the Sanyaso-en (wild herb garden).

The village is also fantastic when illuminated at night.

The venue is family friendly, children will particularly enjoy running around the vast grounds. Enjoy a family day out at the Miyazawa Kenji Fairy Tale Village!

General Information

Admission to Kenji’s School and Kenji’s Classroom
Adults: 350 yen
Students: 250 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: 150 yen
Opening Times
Closed: From December 28 to January 1
3 minutes by bus from Shin-Hanamaki Station on Tohoku Shinkansen Line
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