A casual cruise ferry that connects Hakodate and Aomori, Hakodate and Oma, Honshu and Hokkaido by the shortest route.

[Information of Tsugaru Kaikyo Road] 

Enjoy a 3 hours 40 minutes cruise that is fully equipped on board. 

Tsugaru Kaikyo Road (Aomori to Hakodate) is a large ferry boat with various guest rooms such as hotel-like private rooms and reclining seats where you can sit back and relax the amazing sea view. 

There are plenty of free spaces such as kids rooms, shower rooms, and dog-friendly facilities. 

You can enjoy spending your time on the ship with many activities. 

Please come and enjoy this 3 hours 40 minutes pleasant cruise with your beloved family, friends, and your favorite dog.

[Nostalgic Course]

Nostalgic course is a course that connects Honshu and Hokkaido in just 90 minutes.

Located at the northernmost tip of Honshu, Oma-machi in Aomori City.

On a very nice and clear day, you will see Mt. Hakodate and the cityscape of Hakodate very clearly. 

The travel time is only 90 minutes. 

Oma to Hakodate course connects Honshu and Hokkaido in the shortest time.

“Okanmaru” was the first ferry boat of Japan in 1964. Since then, it has become a daily route for the residents of Omamachi and Shimokita. It then continues to be used as a “tourist route” between Hokkaido and Honshu, and in 1970 it was designated as a mid-sea road on Route 279.

The Tsugaru Kaikyo is known as a huge harvest fishing place, including Oma maguro (tuna) and squid from Hakodate.

Hakodate is full of surprises – the beautiful scenery of Shimokita Peninsula, the richness in nature, historic buildings, and night views…

Enjoy the Tsugaru Kaikyo area that is full of delicious food and sightseeing spots! Come and feel the breath of history and nostalgia. This is a nostalgic and attractive sea road.

General Information

Aomori~Hakodate Adult price 2,260~
Oma~Hakodate  Adult price 1,840~
※May change depending on season and boarding conditions.
Hakodate Ferry Terminal
Approx. 15 to 22 minutes from Hakodate-Hokuto Station to JR Hakodate Station by the bullet train [Hakodate Liner]

Aomori Ferry Terminal
10 minutes by taxi or 45 minutes on foot from JR Aomori Station West exit

Oma Ferry Terminal
After get off from Shimokita Station (JR Ominato Line), please take Shimokita Kotsu Bus.
Official Website
Operation Time
Tsugaru Straits Route
Departure from Hakodate 0:30〜22:05
Departure from Aomori 2:40~22:25

Nostalgic Route
Departure from Hakodate 9:30,16:30
Departure from Oma 7:00,14:10
With/Without Advance Reservation
With/Without Excursion Pass
Purchase Location
Hakodate Ferry Terminal
Aomori Ferry Terminal
Oma Ferry Terminal
How to Purchase
Online reservation, reservation via phone, on the spot reservation
Applicable Transportation Facility
Tsugaru Straits Route(Hakodate〜Aomori)
Nostalgic Route(Oma〜Hakodate)
Language Support
At the ticket office, Tablet and Wi-Fi is available. (Multilanguage)


Telephone Number
Hakodate office: TEL (0138) 43-4545
Aomori office: TEL (017) 766-4733
Oma office: TEL (0175) 37-3111