Rokugo no Kamakura (Takeuchi)

A traditional festival with over 700 years of history

Rokugo no Kamakura is a little New Years event with over 700 years of history, held annually over a five-day period from 11 to 15 February. The event is composed of three portions: the Toshigoi to pray for abundant harvests and safe prosperity, the Akumabarai to expel bad harvests and misfortune, and the Toshi-uranai to predict the year’s fortune. A series of festivities are held from the Kurabiraki and Tenpitsu-kakizome on the 11 to the event climax of the Takeuchi and Tenpitsu-yaki on the 15. The event has been designated as one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan. 

It is said that the green bamboo used on this night accounts for as many as 1000 trees. Young men hold 7 to 8 meter green bamboo and are divided into north and south, and pray for abundant harvests by having an intense battle with the bamboo. It is said that if the northern team wins there will be abundant harvests, and if the southern team wins the price of rice will increase. When the fight ends, they become the same townspeople. The men who finish the intense battle build a sacred fire with the broken bamboo while praying that the year will have abundant harvests. As the pillar of fire grows higher, you can see the wondrous scenery of the sparks dancing in the sky. 

As the Tohoku region’s Kamakura festivals become increasingly popular for sightseeing, they are highly valued because their original form is being preserved and there is a high awareness of their heritage among local residents. 

General Information

●About 20 minutes by car from JR Omagari Station
●About 15 minutes from the Omagari Interchange or about 30 minutes from the Yokote Interchange on the Akita Expressway
Car Park
February 11 to 15 every year
In front of Suwa Shrine


Rokugo Kamakura Preservation Society
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