Aizu Festival

The greatest highlight is the Aizu Hanko Gyoretsu, a procession of warriors carried out mainly during the end of the Edo Period.

The Aizu Festival is Aizu’s largest festival and is held in late September each year. Various events are held over the three-day period. The Chochin Gyoretsu held on the night of the first day is a procession of children carrying lanterns who walk from Tsuruga-jo Castle to Shinmei-dori Street. Held on the nights of the first and second day on Shinmei-dori Street, the Aizu Bandai-san Odori is an event involving a Bon Festival dance local to the Aizu region and dancing to the Aizu Bandai-san folk song, and any individuals are welcome to participate in the spur of the moment! Feel free and join us dance. 

The highlight is the exciting and passionate Aizu Hanko Gyoretsu to commemorate our ancestors. It features a procession through the streets of people dressed in costumes of the Aizu Domain from various time periods, centred on warriors, daimyo, and others from the Aizu Domain period during the end of the Edo period. 

The Nisshinkan Doji Gyoretsu and Kotekitai Parade involves  children walking in procession while wearing warrior costumes such as those of the Byakko-tai and the magnificent finale of the festival with a powerful performance by a drum and fife band. 

General Information

Aizu-wakamatsu Station and Nanukamachi Station on the JR Ban’etsu West Line
Car Park
Temporary parking lot is available
Aizu Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture


Aizu Festival Association
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