Easy to get on and off the bus with a "beep"!

In addition to the standard Suica function, AOPASS is equipped with Aomori City's unique functions such as traffic point service, welfare ride service, and bus commuter pass function.

Bus fares can be paid with AOPASS, Suica, and transportation system IC cards that can be used interchangeably with Suica.

It is convenient to use the Unlimited Ride Holiday Pass during holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays), Bon holidays (August 13-15), and year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 3).

*Types of Unlimited Ride Holiday Pass*

Available for all city buses and city buses.

* Free route 1-day pass (IC card only) 500 yen

500 yen (common use on city buses, city buses, and Aomori City Shuttle Route Bus "Nebutan-go")

*AOPASS One Day Pass (IC card only) 1,000 yen

*AOPASS Two Day Pass (IC card only) 1,500 yen 

*Pass can only be purchased onboard the bus.

*Unlimited-ride tickets for holidays can be purchased with AOPASS, Suica, and PASMO.

General Information

vs. kilometer system
On holidays, the "Unlimited Ride Holiday Pass" is convenient.
Free route 1-Day Pass (IC card only) 500 yen
AOPASS One Day Pass (IC card only) 1,000 yen
AOPASS Two Day Pass (IC card only) 1,500 yen 
The bus operates on a holiday schedule on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Obon (August 13-15), and year-en
Official Website
Customers who have registered a commuter pass or welfare ride service with AOPASS are not eligible to purchase an Unlimited Ride Holiday Pass.
Customers who have already registered a commuter pass should use the "Eco 100" service, which offers a discount of 100 yen per ride on holidays.
Target Period
Day of use
Purchase Location
AOPASS Purchase Locations
Aomori Station
NTT Aomori Branch Ticketing Office
Eastern Sales Office
Western Sales Office
Sun Road Aomori 1st floor general service counter
Aomori Tourist Information Center (2nd floor of Shin-Aomori Station)
Convenience stores
Onboard buses
Unlimited Ride Holiday Pass is sold only onboard the bus.
Applicable Transportation Facility
Aomori City Bus 
Aomori City City Bus 


Aomori City Corporation Bureau, Traffic Management Division
Telephone Number
Fax Number