Tsunagi Onsen

Tsunagi Onsen

A popular hot spring on the outskirts of Morioka, discovered by the famous warrior Minamoto no Yoshiie

Tsunagi Onsen is located near Lake Gosho, a popular scenic location with views of Mount Iwaki and the impressive Tsunagi Bridge spanning the breadth of the lake.

With a history stretching back 900 years, Tsunagi Onsen is a popular hot spring on the outskirts of Morioka. The Onsen was named “Tsunagi” (tether) from when the famous samurai warrior Minamoto no Yoshiie took a bath while his horse was tied to a stone. The stone came to be known as Tsunagi Stone and can now be seen at the Tsunagi Onsen Shrine. The alkaline hot spring water is rich in metasilicic acid, a natural moisturiser, and is known to promote beautiful skin by removing waste products from the body and making the skin smooth.

Tsunagi Onsen is a 30-minute drive from Morioka station. Along with the nearby Koiwai Farm and Morioka Tezukuri Mura arts and crafts centre, the Onsen offers easy access to local attractions including Lake Towada, Mount Hachimantai, Kakunodate, Jodogahama Beach and Hiraizumi. The Onsen offers a wide range of hot spring inns suitable for all visitors and is the perfect location to stay while travelling around Northern Tohoku.

Visitors can enjoy the seasonal scenery of Lake Gosho with springtime cherry blossoms, verdant summer greens, vibrant autumn leaves and snowy winter scenes. The fireworks display over the lake during the summer festival is particularly spectacular.

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30 minutes by bus or 20 minutes by taxi from JR Morioka Station
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