Sanriku Railway(Sanriku Railway Co.,Ltd.)

Running peacefully through magnificent landscapes, Sanriku Railway

Japan’s longest local railway, stretching for 163 km to link the towns on the Sanriku Coast of Iwate Prefecture. You can enjoy looking out at the magnificent shores from between the tunnels which account for half of the entire line.

Iwate is set among rich mountains, the sea, and magnificent nature. You can enjoy "Ihatov" (utopia offerings) from the great nature of the Sanriku Coast including Ryusendo Cave and Jodoga-hama Beach!

・Kamaishi City (Kamaishi Station)

   A town known for iron and rugby. It is a spot of scenic beauty among the sea and mountains.

General Information

"Kuji - Miyako \1,890 for Adults
Miyako - Kamaishi \1,540 for Adults
Kamaishi - Sakari \1,100 for Adults"
Opening Times
Weekdays 9:00~18:00
"From Kuji Station to Miyako Station takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes
From Kamaishi Station to Sakari Station takes about 50 minutes "
Minimum Number of Participants: 1 Person


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