Oyasukyo Onsen

Oyasukyo Onsen

Enjoy a walk around the marvellous Daifunto spring waters and relax in a hot spring along the river gorge afterwards!

Oyasukyo Gorge was formed through fluvial erosion over thousands of years. A walking path is available descending into the gorge with amazing views of its 60-meter rocky cliffs amid clouds of steam rising from cracks in the ground below. The highlight of the trail is the “Oyasukyo Daifunto” where 98-degree hot spring waters shrouded in white steam furiously gush out of the crevices of the cliff face. The striking view is known as the “Cauldron of Hell” and gives the impression that the cliff itself is breathing steam!

These natural spring waters feed the Oyasukyo Onsen hot spring. The historic Onsen is said to have been founded during the early Edo period and visitors will lose track of time when relaxing in the open-air bath along the gorge while enjoying the sounds of streams below and the delightful views of the gorge decorated with springtime verdant greens, colourful autumn foliage and magical icicles in winter.

The Oyasukyo Onsen Tourist Information Centre on Route 398 offers information on Oyasukyo and the surrounding area. The nearby Tokotonyama Campsite is ideal for lovers of the outdoors and the reasonably priced Oyasukyo Public Bath is available for day trippers. The hot spring town spreads along the Minase River, parallel with Route 398, and is lined with restaurants, souvenir shops and hot spring inns. Some hot spring inns offer drinking fountains and foot baths for day visitors.

After strolling around the gorge and marvelling at Oyasukyo Daifunto, refresh yourself in a hot spring nestled in the hillside!

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60 minutes by bus from Yuzawa Station on JR Ouu Main Line

40 minutes by car from Yuzawa IC on Yuzawa-Yokote Road via National Route 398
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