Oyasukyo Daifunto

Spectacular! Hot water and steam violently erupt from the rocks

Over the years, the rushing waters of the Minase River have deeply eroded the banks on either side, forming a V-shaped gorge. A path stretches out before you when you descend the stairs for about 60 meters along the rocks.

The place where the hot water and steam gush out, as if the earth is breathing through this gorge, is known as Daifunto, Oyasukyo's most famous location. It is a rare geological feature in the world where cracks release the energy of accumulated steam and hot water in the geothermal reservoir. The scenery of the steadily wafting steam is impressive.

You can view the steam spewing out from the Kawarayu Bridge, but if you are fit and up for it, make sure you are wearing a good pair of shoes and take the stairs down to see it up close. This is a chance to feel the power of nature's energy with your own eyes.

General Information

● About 45 minutes from Yuzawa Interchange on the Yuzawa-Yokote Road
● About 55 minutes by bus from JR Yuzawa Station
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Minase Sightseeing Association, Yuzawa City
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